Discover the winners of the 13th Verallia Design Awards


On July 1st in Paris, Verallia awarded prizes to the students and young graduates of the 13th edition of the Verallia Design Awards.

This year, on the theme of “No/Low alcohol”, 3 categories were proposed, a sponsor’s prize and a special prize “imagine a glass packaging that celebrates a sporting event”. Six winners received their trophies created by the sponsor, artist-researcher Lucile Viaud, from the hands of the members of the Jury.

More than 370 participants from 64 design, packaging and Beaux-Arts schools took part in this exceptional event.


A theme for a new trend of no/low alcohol

For this 13th edition, the young designers had to imagine a bottle that responds to the new category of beverage that is taking hold on the French market: the “No/Low Alcohol” trend.

Verallia rewarded the innovative and creative projects that were able to combine the classic codes of the categories while bringing the necessary singularity that makes the difference. Whether by working on the naturalness of the product, its inclusive use, or an evocative design, the winning projects lived up to the Jury’s expectations.

A special award honouring sporting events

Verallia proposed to the candidates to work on an event packaging that celebrates sport in order to make the consumer want to buy the brand’s products via a bottle or jar specially designed for this type of event.

The French sports news of the next few years has inspired the candidates!



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Photo credit © Photo – Véronique Taupin

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