Discover the winners of the 12th Verallia Design Awards


4 winners on the theme of glass in solo format, 1 winner for the “godmother’s favourite” and 1 winner for the special “give her a glass package” prize

For this 12th edition of the Verallia Design Awards, Verallia invited students and young graduates to explore the solo format within 4 categories, and a special prize motivating candidates to offer their favorite product a glass packaging. On Friday, July 2, seven winners received their trophies created by the sponsor of this year’s event, glass designer Laura Cambon.

370 participants from more than 80 schools of design, packaging and fine arts took part in this exceptional event with a jury composed of Verallia customers, professionals from the beverage and food markets, as well as packaging and design experts. Of the 170 projects submitted, only the 32 best were able to participate in the jury’s deliberations.


© Photo – Jean-Baptiste Chauvin


A topic theme: glass in solo format

As the number of opportunities to enjoy drinks and food products in individual formats increases, glass allows consumers to choose a healthy and infinitely recyclable material.

The challenge was to provide consumers with the right portion according to their appetite or the time of consumption, while benefiting from the quality and pleasure offered by glass.

Verallia wanted to reward innovative and creative projects, in line with current events and responding to the concrete need to ensure a sustainable future for our planet. The four categories, still and sparkling wines; spirits; beers, waters & soft drinks; and food, raised different issues, all of which are related to responsible consumption.


A special award that encourages a change in consumption habits

Glass is the only packaging material that is 100% recyclable over and over again. It is healthy and protective, making it the ideal material for food products. With this in mind, Verallia asked the candidates to rethink the non-glass container of their favourite products and turn it into glass packaging. Their mission: to make consumers want to adopt this new bottle and thus change their habits.

Discover the winning projects by visiting the Verallia Design Awards website by clicking here.

© Photo – Jean-Baptiste Chauvin

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