Eve George, a 2020 sponsor who blows the glass!


“I work with glass every day and yet this material still fascinates me as much. Games of transparency, reliefs, textures … I have the impression of creating using a palette of lights. I am constantly challenged by its technicality but it is also what makes this material very precious to me. ”

Passed by the Boulle school then the ENSCI Les Ateliers in Paris, Eve George then specialized in the field of glass creation. She first trained in a workshop known as “glass paste” molding, cutting and engraving, then she became a European Glassmaker in glass blowing. “I felt the need to combine the work of the mind with manual practice again,” she explains. In 2012, Eve collaborated with Laurent George on a four-hand project called “Feuilles de Verre”, pieces blown glass, made in origami molds in folded paper. This was the starting point of their adventure: Atelier George.

During her career, she received numerous awards including the Prix de la Jeune Création Métiers d’Arts, in June 2018, a national recognition distinguishing creations and know-how of a new generation of creators. Rich in her experiences, Eve is particularly keen to reflect a unique work, shaped by hand.

Her universe: mainly lighting, then tableware, interior accessories and glass tiles.

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