Discover Lucile Viaud, the sponsor of the Verallia Design Awards 2022


VERALLIA DESIGN AWARDS 2022, an uncompromising sponsor & a theme without moderation


Verallia is pleased to announce the sponsor of the 13th Verallia Design Awards: Lucile Viaud.

Indeed, for the 2022 edition, participants will have the opportunity to work on the theme of the no-low alcohol. With a little or no alcohol, no low drinks have a strong following and lend themselves perfectly to innovative designs. The 2022 sponsor, Lucile Viaud, a designer renowned for her work in geo-glassware, will accompany the participating students by bringing her perception of the material, intimately linked to the environment.


“Re-imagining glass to build a sustainable future” (Verallia)

Find all the information in the press release, and do not hesitate to contact us for more details or to arrange an interview.

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