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Theme 2012 My life in glass

Breakfast, family shared meals, or candlelit dinner parties, these moments of consumption are varied: alone or in a group, on vacation or at the office, juniors or seniors consume at home or outside, in an everyday life setting or a more luxurious one.


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OliveJury special award

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Jury special award

Happy BottleSponsors‘ Coup de Cœur

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Dôme3rd prize

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Le diabolo1st prize

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Christmas toast2nd prize

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Sponsor 2012 Élise Fouin

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Graduated from “Ecole Boulle”, she uses all types of materials as a starter for the creation of her projects. Very sensitive to the sustainable development, she looks into the garbage, the discards of the society to discover what could become beautiful tomorrow, she magnifies the material that is always at the heart of her creations. This young designer has a very unique approach when it comes to design. She thinks about the materials before thinking about the object. She likes playing with the sensitive and tactile aspects of the materials that she uses and do not hesitate to recreate them with a very delicate and personal touch. She transforms, unwinds, adjusts, wraps, polishes, varnishes until that the object can be born. Thanks to this unique way of transformation, each piece becomes unique and its shape is never the same. Recognized for the delicacy and the poetry of its work on materials in particular the paper, Elise Fouin has been “Talent à la Carte” on Maison and Objects in 2010, received the Face of Design Prize Berlin for all her creations and represents the new generation of young French designers selected by magazines ELLE Decoration and Maison Française. Symbol of porosity between art and design, her design is the opportunity to participate in more artistic projects and to exhibit at Tools Gallery and in Granville Gallery in Paris. She now collaborates with several luxury and mass-market brands as well space, product and furniture design. Elise Fouin was born in 1979, she lives and works in Paris.

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