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Theme 2013 Towards a future in glass

Participants designed glass bottles or jars that serve new purposes: nomadic, customized packaging, flexible, eco-friendly…


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IrmaSponsors‘ Coup de Cœur

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Sponsors‘ Coup de Cœur

Blini-BoxPublic‘ Coup de Cœur

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Public‘ Coup de Cœur

Bouteille Apéro1st prize

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Bouteille Apéro

1st prize

Pause2nd prize

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2nd prize

Our partticipation in this contest was quite spontaneous … the topic has pushed us to find ideas worthy of its name and it was a great emotion for us to see our project be prototyped thanks to Verallia.

Pupitre3rd prize

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3rd prize

In a constantly changing world, Pupitre bottle is an invitation to relaxation and tasting…optimistic in my vision of the future, this bottle is intended as the manifesto of the human regaining control of its time.

TounicotiJury special award

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Sponsor 2013 François Clerc

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Educated at “L’Ensci les Ateliers” François Clerc now divides his time between Paris, London and Taipei. As a botany enthusiast, this young 36-year old designer is inspired by nature to create everyday life objects. Sensitive to the quality of materials and to manufacturing processes, François Clerc also takes into account the environmental components during the production of objects. This particular focus on industrial production has recently paid off with a brand of organic products sold in Taiwan and numerous partnerships with “Nature et Découvertes”.

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