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Theme 2014 Vintage… At the peak of modernity

How can revamped vintage inspire today and tomorrow’s glass bottles and jars? Like icons of the past that have become those of today, such as the FIAT 500, the Solex, Ray-bans…


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Nuage de laitSponsors‘ Coup de Cœur

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Nuage de lait

Sponsors‘ Coup de Cœur

La belle blancheBeers, waters and non alcoholic beverages

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La belle blanche

Beers, waters and non alcoholic beverages

Juste une larmeSpirits

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Perle de roséWines

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Le pot vintageFood

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Le pot vintage


Winning this competition was a real chance for us. After several attempts, we thought that perseverance and work it’s the most important. The vintage inspired us, and so handed the can to date.

CreamixJury special award

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AtableJury special award

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Jury special award

In order to modernize the glass jar keeping the vintage spirit, I was inspired by our current lifestyle: eat fast, eat well. Atable is a glass jar used to store food, but also as a lunchbox.

Sponsor 2014 Ionna Vautrin

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Graduated from L’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique in 2002, she works in turn with Camper in Spain, George J. Sowden in Italy then Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec in France. In parallel, she develops her own projects with different design companies. She opens her own studio in January 2011 after receiving the city of Paris’ design Grand Prize.

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