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Theme 2021 The glass in solo format

More and more occasions of consumption invite consumers to choose drinks or food products in individual format: whether at home (...when restaurants are closed, or, more happily, when friends come to have an aperitif!) or outside (during a sports or cultural event, in a park or a seaside...), we can find several advantages to these individual formats compared to the more traditional large formats.
For example, buying a 25cl bottle instead of a 75cl one gives you the opportunity to test new products, without the risk of wasting the content or controlling your budget!

The search for recyclability, health and pleasure during tasting leads more and more consumers to adopt glass packaging, including for these individual portions.

You will design a glass bottle or jar that allows the consumer to access the right portion without sacrificing the quality and pleasure that glass offers.
Your project will propose an innovative and aesthetic form, which will respond to the constraints of individual consumption through its ergonomics and functionality.

This theme applies to the 4 categories: Still and sparkling wines - Spirits - Beers, waters and soft drinks - Food.


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SolitariusStill and sparkling wines

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Bombe sanguineBeers, waters and soft drinks

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Bombe sanguine

Beers, waters and soft drinks

Single whiskySpirits

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Single whisky



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Terre à TERFavorite sponsor Laura CAMBON

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Éclat lactéSpecial "Give him a glass package"

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Éclat lacté

Special "Give him a glass package"

Marraine Laura CAMBON

image du parrain

Créatrice verrière

Après des études aux Beaux-arts puis aux Arts Décoratifs en architecture d’intérieur, Laura Cambon intègre la Maison Lalique et découvre l’univers de l’artisanat haut de gamme, du cristal et le métier du verre. Elle suit alors en 2018 une formation au CERFAV avant d’ouvrir son propre atelier au cœur de Bordeaux. Elle conçoit et fabrique sur mesure des produits en verre, des panneaux modulables, des vases et autres luminaires pour la décoration d’intérieur.

Photo ©Sébastien le Clézio

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