Success Story

A professionalstepping stone

The Verallia Design Awards Contest this is :

  • The valuation of your CV
  • The opportunity to see your project marketed

The proof in images with the bottles “Serac” and “Soirée à rosé”, which after having been spotted by our customers were marketed!

Discover the story of these two bottles “stars”

Verallia Bottle
Clara Chanteloup and Maxence de Cock
Flute Gothic
Verallia Bottle
Leslie Dabin

My creation process

Clara Chanteloup and Maxence de Cock

Winners 2018 in the "Wine" category
Project "Arcadia", renamed "Flûte Gothic" during development
Chosen by Paul Mas for the "ma/mon" range
Bottle marketed since 2021 in France

A word from the client
When you make wine, you can't be insensitive to design.
Jean-Claude Mas founder of Domaines Paul Mas

My creation process

Leslie Dabin

Leslie Dabin, previously a final year student of Interior Design-Architectureat the Ecole Pivaut and winner of the Verallia Design Awards 2016 in the wine category, has seen her bottle “Serac” chosen by the wine distributor Maison Du Sud – JeanJean for the marketing of its wines IGP Saint Guilhem the Desert and IGP Pays d’Oc. The bottle “Serac” is today sold in supermarkets.

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“The competition was a very rewarding experience, with a concrete project to realize and manufacturing constraints. I was able to discover the glass material and enrich my knowledge of how to work on it. Seeing my project winning the jury vote gave me a lot of hope for the future. As for the announcement of its marketing, I still do not believe it! “

The client's perspective
By partnering with Verallia for the launch of this new "SERAC" bottle, we have chosen to support young designers through the Verallia Design Awards Contest. It is also a way for us to meet the constant demand of our customers in terms of innovations and original products. "This bottle represents a real differentiation and will certainly bring value to our products " says Olivier Goue, Marketing Manager MAISON DU SUD - JEANJEAN.
Olivier GOUEResponsable MarketingMAISON DU SUD - JEANJEAN