The 13th edition of the Verallia Design Awards is launched !


Verallia has launched the new edition of the 2022 Verallia Design Awards. The 13th edition is punctuated by two competitions, the general competition and the special prize

The general competition: “glass without moderation”

For this 13th edition, the theme of the competition is the “glass without moderation”, where young designers have to imagine a bottle that responds to the new category of drink that is taking hold on the French market: the “No/Low Alcohol” trend. 

These non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic beverages are addressing this new and growing demand for good drinking.

Whether the bottle is for still or sparkling wine, spirits or beer, the glass packaging for these beverages will need to showcase in the best possible way a beverage that contains little or no alcohol, while offering an innovative, aesthetically pleasing and eco-designed shape.


The Special Prize « Imagine the glass packaging that celebrates a sporting event »

The 2022 edition also includes an additional competition, called the special prize, where the students have the objective of imagining a glass packaging that celebrates a sporting event, in order to inspire the consumer, via packaging specially designed for this type event, to subscribe to the brand’s products and to buy them.

Contrary to the general theme, the special price is aimed at all markets: still and sparkling wines; beers, waters and soft drinks; spirits and finally glass food packaging. This is a dream opportunity to be able to design the flagship glass packaging for sporting events.

This 13th edition is a new opportunity for young designers to express their ideas in terms of design, to apply their talent to an innovative project and to see it perhaps one day on the market.

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