For this edition, the candidates had to imagine a glass packaging on the theme “party glass”. Thanks to a unique design and its aesthetic or functional characteristics, the packaging was to accompany festive moments of consumption, today and tomorrow. Available for the 4 categories – Wines, Spirits, Food, Beers-Waters – Non-alcoholic drinks – this theme was the occasion to celebrate this anniversary edition of the ten years.

In addition to these awards, a “favorite” award was presented by the sponsor of this exceptional edition, Victor Mercier. Finalist of top chef and co-founder of Vibe’s Project, Victor Mercier wants to bring a new vision of cooking, more respectful of the environment and the human. A defender of gastronomy and healthy eating whose commitments echo those of Verallia.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Verallia Design Awards, a special “Recycling Awareness” Award was launched to promote the recycling of glass packaging among young people. The goal? Illustrate the unique recyclability qualities of the glass material as well as the importance of the circular economy. Through a video, the candidates focused on the sorting of glass packaging in adapted bins.

More than 300 projects, run by candidates from 120 different schools, were received as part of this anniversary edition.

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