The 2024 design competition for students

“Glass, reinventing stories”

Glass combines tradition with modernity: over the millennia, it has created a unique emotional bond with consumers and ensured the best possible protection of flavours.

Design a glass bottle or jar, making the most of the creative and modern powers of glass. Use your inspiration to reinvent the traditions and future of France’s gastronomic heritage (wine, beer and soft drinks, spirits, food).

You are encouraged to disrupt design codes by boldly exploring new trends in local and sustainable consumption. Innovate with a design that highlights the identity of the product and preserves the integrity of environmental resources while remaining in a spirit of sharing.

Have a look at the key dates of the Verallia Design Awards

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Sept. 2023

Phase 1

Opening registration and project submission

Register now on the website. A toolbox is available to help you create your submission file. Don’t hesitate to consult the FAQ page.

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March 2024

Phase 2

End of registration and project submission

Registration is now closed. Congratulations to all participants. The Verallia Design Awards team will soon be studying all the projects submitted.

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May 2024

Phase 3

Jury vote

The jury is made up of several experts: companies, designers and journalists. This mix of profiles ensures a fair and balanced vote to elect the winners.

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June 2024

Phase 4

Award ceremony

In addition to their prize, each winner receives a trophy presented by one of the members of the jury. This is a day rich in exchanges and encounters, and brings the year’s edition to a close.

Prizes for the winning designers

The Verallia Design Awards reward the best projects. Gain recognition and visibility, while receiving financial support to invest in your professional future. Join us, take part and have the chance to win prestigious design prizes.


Sparkling and Still Wines


Beer, Water, Non-Alcoholic Beverages




Food Jar


Employees’ Pick


Mentor’s Pick

Factory visit

Dive into the creation of a bottle with the CAMONDO school and Pierre Charrié, the patron of the 2023 edition. The day began with an introduction to the glassmaking process and a presentation of the competition. The students then had the opportunity to get to the heart of the world of glass, thanks to passionate professionals who revealed the secrets of glassmaking at the Vauxrot factory. Read what the students had to say about this rewarding day.

Vous êtes responsable pédagogique, vous avez inscrit notre concours dans votre programme, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.

The contest mentors

Döppel Studio

Lionel Dinis-Salazar and Jonathan Omar, co-founders of Döppel Studio, are innovative designers exploring the intersection of designscenography, and artistic installation. Graduates of the École des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (ENSAD) and the École des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg (HEAR) respectively, their creative approach transcends disciplinary boundaries. Each project at the studio, conceived as a cairn, layers ideas and forms to create unique experiences. Committed to innovation and efficiency, they collaborate with galleries, publishers, and industrial partners, bringing a fresh and poetic perspective to contemporary design.

Jury of the edition

Take a look at the members of this year’s jury, made up of leading companies, design agencies and journalists.