Success stories in design glass bottles

A real achievement for winning designers

Les bouteilles design primé puis commercialisé

Participating in the Verallia Design Awards means enhancing your portfolio with a creation judged by professionals, and — maybe — seeing your project launched on the market if it wins the heart of one of our customers. The “Flûte Gothic”, “Serac” and “Soirée à rosé” bottles, which were spotted by our customers, are proof of this.

These winners of the Verallia Design Awards have combined aesthetics and functionality to create attractive glass bottles. Explore these captivating success stories of designer glass bottles that have become real stars!

The success stories of design glass bottles


Clara Chanteloup and Maxence de Cock

Flûte Gothic – Still and sparkling wines

The Gothic flute matches the Rural Luxury philosophy to give Jean-Claude Mas wines their prestigious reputation.


Leslie Dabin

Serac – Still and sparkling wines

This faceted bottle design emphasizes the freshness of Maison JeanJean wines thanks to the biomimicry of ice.


Mélitine Courvoisier

Soirée à rosé – Still and sparkling wines

A distinctive bottle, embodying elegance and singularity. Its unique design, with rose-shaped bottom, reveals the refined character of this wine, appreciated in both France and the United States.

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