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Successful glass designers

Mélitine Courvoisier

2010 Winner in the “Wines” category                        “Soirée à Rosé” project renamed “Côte des Roses“.

A bottle embodying elegance and singularity thanks to its unique design and rose-shaped bottom.”

The "Soirée à Rosé" bottle
A floral elegance that won a prize in the first edition

Inspired by her visit to the Verallia plant in Oiry, Mélitine expressed her unique vision by playing with the traditional codes in wine. By combining the molten glass drop with floral elegance, she created a bottle that turns convention on end, celebrating the union of the masculinity of wine and the femininity of flowers. Launched by Gerard Bertrand under the name Côte des Roses (AOP Languedoc), it has been a great success in France and the United States.

Customer testimonials

We see wine as a whole. We believe in the coherence of a wine, from the terroir to the way we present it. All our choices are made with great attention to detail. Bottle shapes, labels, corks. This involves exclusive bottles, as is the case for the Côte des Roses bottle.

Gérard Bertrand
President at Gérard Bertrand Wines

Commercialisation de la bouteilles design primé
Commercialisation de la bouteilles design primé2
La bouteilles en verre design primé