• Registrations
    07 September 2021
  • Projects submission
    07 September 2021
  • End of registrations and submissions
    03 April 2022
  • Jury selection
    19 May 2022
  • Awards ceremony
    01 July 2022

What ?

Since 2009, Verallia, a global player in glass packaging, has been organizing a design competition that brings together several hundred participants each year. This competition offers you to imagine an innovative project of bottles or glass jars around a defined theme. Verallia positions itself as an incubator of the project which may have a chance to be marketed. Try your luck !

Who ?

The contest is open to all students or youngs graduates in design, packaging but also plastic arts schools.

Why ?

Participate in this contest is to discover the material through a practical case of development in semi professional conditions. The Verallia Design Awards contest is also a contest classified in the TOP 10 of the students competitions to promote its CV.

How ?

Participate in the adventure! Take inspiration from the theme of this year, “Glass without moderation” and promote the “NoLow”.

2022 Theme No/Low Alcohol

At a time when everyone is working on "Dry January", the trend towards alcohol-free or low-alcohol "NoLow" drinks is taking hold. The supermarket shelves bear witness to this: non-alcoholic spirits are making inroads and offering consumers an alternative to wine, beer and spirits.

Whether at parties, on the beach or in the stadiums, non-alcoholic drinks are appealing to a health-conscious public that is attracted to naturalness. They are often the result of a blend of plants, echoing a more natural consumption. Keeping one's figure is also part of the motivation to moderate alcoholic drinks.

You will imagine an innovative and aesthetic bottle shape, which will allow the new "NoLow" drinks, within the 3 proposed categories (beers, spirits and wines) to rely on the packaging to compete with the traditional alcoholic drinks.

This theme applies to all 3 categories: Still and sparkling wines | Spirits | Beers.

2022 Special Prize Imagine the glass packaging that celebrates a sporting event

The 2022 edition also includes an additional competition, called the special prize, where the students have the objective of imagining a glass packaging that celebrates a sporting event, in order to inspire the consumer, via packaging specially designed for this type event, to subscribe to the brand's products and to buy them. Contrary to the general theme, the special price is aimed at all markets: still and sparkling wines; beers, waters and soft drinks; spirits and finally glass food packaging.


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    Bottle "Still Wines and Sparkling" award
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    Bottle "Beer, water and non-alcoholic drinks" award
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    Bottle "Spirits" award
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    Special Prize "Imagine the glass packaging that celebrates a sporting event"
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    Mentor's favorite (Coup de Coeur)
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    Production of a prototype for each award winner

Success stories

Clara Chanteloup and Maxence de Cock

Winners of the 9th edition of the competition, Clara Chanteloup and Maxence de Cock have designed the new Domaines Paul Mas bottle. Jean-Claude Mas, a member of the jury for this edition, chose this bottle to express the singularity of some particular vintages, including those of his white wines.

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Leslie Dabin

Leslie Dabin, previously a final year student of Interior Design-Architectureat the Ecole Pivaut and winner of the Verallia Design Awards 2016 in the wine category, has seen her bottle “Serac” chosen by the wine distributor Maison Du Sud – JeanJean for the marketing of its wines IGP Saint Guilhem the Desert and IGP Pays d’Oc. The bottle “Serac”; is today sold in supermarkets.

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Mélitine Courvoisier

First prize of the competition in 2010, the bottle of Mélitine Courvoisier “Soirée à rosé” – at the time student at the Ecole Boulle  – has been marketed since 2013 by Gérard Bertand under the name Côte des Roses for AOP languedoc. The bottom of the bottle that is carved  in the shape of a rose is now a success in France and in United States and is even adapted in magnum.

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Sponsor 2022 Lucile Viaud

image du parrain

Researcher Artist in glass

When she founded her studio in 2015, Lucile Viaud chose to explore the intimate link between landscape . Convinced that glass reflects the natural and human characters of the region, each object is designed according to the intrinsic properties of the materials. By reinventing glass with each creation, Lucile echoes the raison d’être of the European leader in glass packaging. Her closeness to the environment and her investment in students (sponsor of the Condé school in Rennes) make her the undisputed sponsor of the Verallia Design Awards 2022.

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