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Verallia Design awards

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Verallia Design Awards 2022, a sponsor without concession & a theme without moderation

15 February 2022

Every year, Verallia, the world’s third largest producer of glass packaging for food and beverages, challenges students and young graduates from design, packaging and fine arts schools to work with glass through the Verallia Design Awards, a key competition in the field of glass design. For this 13th edition, the participants will be working without, or with, an audience, and will be perfectly suited to the game of innovative design. The 2022 sponsor, Lucile Viaud, a designer renowned for her work in geo-glassmaking, will accompany the participating students by bringing her perception of the material, which is intimately linked to the environment.

It is a real mode of consumption that is revealed behind the famous “dry January”. The leitmotiv is to enjoy moments of conviviality while observing a healthy lifestyle, by opting for drinks with little or no alcohol,” says Verallia, “Consumers want to assume their sobriety, without moderation, whatever their motivations. The competition is divided into three categories: “Still and sparkling wines”, “Beers” and “Spirits”, with five prizes to be won. The jury will reward the best projects in the three categories on July 1, 2022. A trophy and an endowment will also be given to the winners of the special prize and to the “godmother’s favourite”.

Verallia launches the production of the Flute Gothic with Domaines Paul Mas

30 September 2021

Verallia launches the production of the Flûte Gothic bottle in its VOA plant, located in Albi. This creation is the result of the 2018 edition of the Verallia Design Awards, the competition organized by the French glassmaker, challenging students and young graduates in design, packaging & Fine Arts for 12 years. The project seduced Jean-Claude Mas, then a member of the VDA jury, for its rural luxury.

The two winners of the Verallia Design Awards, Clara Chanteloup and Maxence de Cock, thought this bottle as an organic mass growing upwards, made of asymmetrical & organic curves. Its thin line is driven by an ascending dynamism, like gothic architecture. The first third of the bottle forms a uniform faceted trunk, then from the shoulder, geometric shapes emerge to the ring.

The notion of eco-responsibility was then at the heart of the 2018 VDA edition with a theme on “going green”. A dimension echoing the values carried by Domaines Paul Mas and Verallia, both convinced that glass is the most noble material for the preservation of products and the environment.

The 12th edition on the theme of individual size

01 February 2021

Verallia launches the 12th edition of the Verallia Design Awards on the theme of “Glass in solo format” with a special price “Offer him glass packaging“.

As every year, students and young graduates in design / packaging are invited to imagine an innovative project of glass bottle.

Laura Cambon, designer for custom-made glass product for interior decoration, does the honor of being the godmother of this edition. A godmother specializing in the field of glass creation and who is particularly keen to reflect a unique work, shaped by hand.

Awards ceremony for the 11th edition of the Verallia Design Awards 2020

16 October 2020

Prize giving for the 11th edition of the Verallia Design Awards

3 laureates on the theme of French glass, 2 laureates on the theme of the returnable and reused bottle of rosé wine and 1 favorite from the godmother Eve George

For this 11th edition of the Verallia Design Awards, Verallia offered design students a reflection on “French glass” as well as a special prize for reuse. Particularly inspiring, these themes were explored by some 583 students and young design graduates for 365 projects submitted. In the end, 5 projects were awarded and 1 project was voted “favorite” by designer Eve George, godmother of the edition.