The Verallia Design Awards have awarded many promising talents this year, with innovative and creative projects in the field of glass packaging design. Find out more about these exceptional young designers and the projects that won over the jury.

“Bottles” Prize: Still and sparkling wines

The Vine

How do you combine a wine bottle and a vine plant? By using biomimicry, where nature and the object become one, each inspired by the other. Here, the vine is seen as a return to its origins: the birthplace of wine. A set of ripples made of hollows and protrusions was created to retain the noble, graceful image of the wine and to give form and motion to the vine. The label’s logo and typography complement the bottle’s minimalist shape.

“We wanted to make the vine plant the central motif, which allowed us to approach the wine from a different angle. We wanted to restore the value to the vine, which is too often overlooked. The vine and its bark are extremely interesting materials to work with. Its artistic appeal lies in the unusual bark with its contrasting, raw and dreamy texture, as well as the randomly protruding branches, which give it a rare complexity. Biomimicry was a concept that allowed us to incorporate the vine’s bark into the bottle. The vine and the bottle now function as a single object. The fusion was supposed to be abstract. The aim was not to make a simple “trompe-l’oeil”. We wanted to evoke the vine rather than simply display it, and all as part of a modern design.”

The Vine Lauréats du concours design 2023
Eloi Menaud et Manon Piette – EDNA & Ecole Polytech, Nantes (44)
The Vine bouteille design primé

“Bottles” Prize: Spirits


The trend of “slow living” and searching for well-being is a growing cultural and societal change. It is manifested in a desire to live more consciously, to do things at a slower pace, and to enjoy life’s little pleasures. This movement is also expressed in the quest for a feeling of physical and mental well-being that helps reduce stress and anxiety. And what’s more soothing than standing in front of the sea and letting your thoughts roam free? This is the underlying concept to this vodka bottle.

“Consumers who aspire to this lifestyle are looking for products made from organic, natural and additive-free ingredients. They are seeking a healthier, more authentic taste experience. As lovers of the Atlantic coastline, we conceived a high-end seaweed vodka with packaging inspired by nature. The bottle’s design features the ocean swell in relief, evoking the vastness of the sea, the feeling of completeness, and a sense of freedom. From the shape of the glass to the beach depicted on the label, this 50 cl bottle combines graphic and textured elements that create a unique, recognisable visual identity.”

Océan Lauréats
Clarisse Bayle et Lauriane Dupré  EDNA, Nantes (44) & EFAP, Bordeaux (33)

“Bottles” Prize: Beers, water and non-alcoholic beverages


How do you turn a tea break into a captivating experience that brings an ephemeral feeling of calm? By promoting this natural, universal drink with so many virtues. Julien Kudic and Clément Servignat bring us a bottle that offers both sensory experience and hidden functionality.

“The bottle has a soothing quality that works on several levels, whether visually, through touch, or in its use. The “T” design is inspired by the geometric motifs of Zen gardens and the sensory dimension of sand. The interplay of patterns and textures are surprising to touch, as we rediscover the sand that constitutes the glass. It is also ergonomic to hold. What’s more, the T bottle’s serrated motif has a hidden function: users at the beach can take the side of the bottle and draw their own patterns in the sand, obtaining the same sense of calm that we find in Japanese gardens. The bottle’s soft, curved shape draws its inspiration and its added dynamism from the asymmetry of these landscapes. The Buis wood stopper, in the shape of a T, and more generally the bottle, echo the shape of the rakes seen in these small Japanese gardens.

Julien Kudic – École Boulle et Clément Servignat – École de Condé, Paris (75)

“Jars” Prize: Food

Organics spicies

The transition from living in the moment to reconnecting with your inner self takes just one step. Organics Spicies uses traditional Chinese medicine and its Taoist origins to enhance the qualities of glass. This doctrine involves balancing five pillars: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These bridges to an inner equilibrium are each attached to parts of the human body, and more specifically the organs.

“The five pillars are linked to five different flavours: sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty. Food is a way to take care of our bodies. So, I chose to make a range of five jars containing five different spices: ginger, pepper, sesame, garlic, and cayenne pepper. Each food is linked to care for a specific organ. My project is inspired by the human body and ideas relating to self-care.

Organic Spicies Lauréat
Jeanne Menier, ESEPAC, Saint-Germain-Laprade (43)
Organic Spicies

Mentor’s Favourite: Pierre Charrié


How do you give people a new opportunity to drink cider? How can we make the drink stand out from the endless cases of supermarket beer as summer approaches? Trinkañ is tailored to the behaviour of young people who generally consume drinks outside their home and in 33 cl format. The proposal inspires people to have fun together and to share.

“Our concept reframes the codes of craft beer to attract a young and urban audience: a simple, organic form, and pastel colours. The ergonomics provide a better grip. The label is inspired by the shape of a droplet, and we’ve used white sandblasted glass to move away from the image of a green champagne bottle. We have reinforced the brand identity with text on the indented underside. For those enjoying an aperitif at the beach, this can create a pattern in the sand. Finally, the name Trinkañ and the label’s graphic design are a reference to the terroir in Brittany. We believe that Trinkañ is a format that can give cider a wider appeal than its current status as something to drink in the crêperie.

Trinkan Lauréats
Tom Azria et Numa Rousseau – CY Ecole de design, Cergy (95)

Verallia Employees’ Favourite


The competition is an event that the Verallia employees follow closely. For each edition, they are asked beforehand to rate the 60 short-listed projects to come up with the finalists. This year, for the first time, they were able to elect their own “Favourite” and name their winner.

Once again, the vine gets all the plaudits: it is the origin of wine. The concept? When this vine leaf landed on the bottle, it left its mark. Over time, the leaf transformed the bottle, enchanted it, and spread its veins inside. Each time the bottle is emptied, these inner veins appear, completing its form. “Enchantment” is a bottle of white wine that bears witness to the passage of time.

“The shape and motif of enchantment tell a story by forging a link between the act of winding down (the veins) and biomimicry. I wanted to create a surprise effect by the appearance of the veins inside the bottle as we drink the wine. To see them as a chance to reconsider both the passage of time and the present moment. The magic of the internal engravings is
revealed as the bottle empties: a spectacle that highlights the perspective of the glass. The imprint of a leaf adds a tactile dimension to the glass that indirectly reconnects the user with nature.”

Christiane de Montigny – Institut Sainte-Geneviève (75)

We warmly congratulate all the winners of the Verallia Design Awards for their outstanding creativity, innovation and talent. Their projects are a source of inspiration for the glass design industry, highlighting the importance of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. These promising young designers have pushed the boundaries of creativity and we look forward to seeing their influence grow in the industry.

©Veronique Taupin – Photographer Paris

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