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Lauréats et succès commercial pour nos designers

Winners 2018 in the “Wines” category Arcadia” project renamed “Flûte Gothic”

Chosen by Paul Mas for the “ma/mon” range. Bottle launched in France since 2021.

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In his quest for the authentic expression of his exceptional wines, Jean-Claude Mas has found the bottle that reflects his philosophy of rural luxury, thanks to the Verallia Design Awards. Experience the Gothic flute bottle with its organic design, conceived to capture the singularity of its special cuvées.

Customer testimonials

The Gothic flute matches the philosophy of Rural Luxury to give Jean-Claude Mas wines their letters of nobility.”

Jean-Claude Mas

Jean-Claude Mas
Founder of Domaines Paul Mas

Lauréats et succès commercial pour nos designers
Bouteilles en verres design commercialisé
Bouteille en verre design en commercialisation