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Successful glass designers


Leslie Dabin

Winner 2016 in the wine category “Serac” project

Interior Design-Architecture studies Chosen by distributor Maison Du Sud – JeanJean Sales for rosé wines in supermarkets

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and launch of glass bottles

The competition was a very stimulating experience, with finally a concrete project to realize with manufacturing parameters. I was able to work with the material glass for the first time, and expand my knowledge of how to fashion it. Seeing my project win the jury’s pick award gave me great hope for the future. As for the announcement that it will be marketed, I still can’t believe it!

Customer testimonials

By partnering with Verallia to launch this new “SERAC” bottle, we have chosen to support young designers through the Verallia Design Awards. It’s also a way for us to respond to our customers’ constant demand for innovation and original products. This bottle represents a real differentiation and adds value to our products.

Olivier Goue

Olivier GOUE
Marketing Manager

La bouteille design primé sur une table décoré
Présentation de la bouteille design primé
Les succès des bouteilles en verre design Bouteille : Serac
Les succès des bouteilles en verre design Bouteille : Serac