A big thank you to all the participants

dossier Verallia Design Awards

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this edition of the Verallia Design Awards. Your creativity, passion, and dedication have been truly inspiring.

Currently, our expert jury is carefully reviewing each project with the utmost care. Their expertise and varied perspectives will ensure a fair and impartial evaluation of all the designs presented.

We are delighted to announce that the final jury deliberation, composed of professionals from the agri-food industry, renowned designers, and specialized journalists, will take place on May 23rd. This crucial event will determine the winners of this edition of the Verallia Design Awards.

As for the eagerly awaited awards ceremony, it is scheduled for June 28th. Stay tuned to find out the names of the winners and to celebrate their exceptional achievements together.

Verallia Design Awards Cérémonie de remise des prix
Remise des prix Verallia Design Awards

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