Discover the mentor of this years’ edition!

Verallia is pleased to announce the patron of the 14th edition of the Verallia Design Awards: Pierre Charrié.
Pierre Charrié Parrain du concours


Verallia is proud to announce the mentor of the 14ème édition des Verallia Design Awards : Pierre Charrié.

Pierre Charrié, about the sensory dimension

Pierre Charrié conducts research on the sensory and experiential dimension of everyday objects. The son of a musician and an occupational therapist, he is interested in the way in which material, sound, movement and touch can create new interactions and challenge the way things are used. Dedicated to innovation and economy of resources, each of his projects is an encounter between the sensitive and the technical, the existing and the unexpected. His forward-looking projects, which have won awards and been exhibited, provide the basis for his collaborations with galleries, publishers, institutions and manufacturers.

A desire to transmit through exchange and sharing in order to stimulate curiosity 

Pierre Charrié, convinced of the importance of passing on technical and craft know-how, regularly teaches in design schools. This year, he will accompany the participants in the competition by contributing his experience, his perception of the material and his appetite for curiosity: “a designer must be tirelessly curious, who examines and seeks to understand things in order to find common points, solutions and links”.

Photos @DamienArlettaz et ©LiseGaudaire

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