Verallia wins the 2022 Luxury Forms Award

Verallia triumphed at the 2022 Prix Formes de Luxe with the Flûte Gothic bottle, an award-winning creation in the Wines & Spirits Bottles category.
Photo du prix luxe pour verallia

“Flute Gothic”, the wine bottle produced by Verallia France in Albi for Domaines Paul Mas wins the “Formes de Luxe 2022” award organized by Luxe Packaging Insight, in the “Wine & Spirits Bottles” category.

The Flute Gothic bottle is a creation from the 2018 “going green” edition of the Verallia Design Awards France, the student design contest organized to unveil the creativity of glass material. The engraving, the weight (600 grams), the place of production (close to the producer’s wineyard): each step was developed with eco-design in mind, thus meeting the producer’s wishes.

The award was presented at a ceremony attended by Coralie Grave, representing the marketing team of Domaines Paul Mas, Elena Andía Villanueva, marketing director Selective Line at Verallia and CHRISTOPHE FERRAZZI, market director for South Wines at Verallia France. The young designers, Clara Chanteloup and Maxence de Cock, creators of the bottle also attended the event.

According to Alissa Demorest, editorial director Luxe Packaging Insight, Formes de Luxe, “The faceted design of this wine bottle really stood out, together with the fact it weighs in at just 600g. This kind of innovation for industrial runs was also applauded by our jury.“

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