Exploring the Glass Behind the Scenes: Inspiring Factory Tours for Students in the Verallia Design Awards

Verallia - Usine de bouteille en Verre

Factory tours play a vital role in the educational journey of students participating in our Product Design Competition. These tours provide an immersive experience, unveiling the secrets of glass manufacturing and offering valuable insights for competing design projects.

Before delving into the captivating world of Verallia factories, a brief training session is essential. Students are introduced to the history of glass, from conception to the production of a glass bottle or jar. Various techniques, color nuances, decorations, and innovation strategies are meticulously reviewed, laying a solid foundation for the upcoming tour.

Students are then divided into small groups to explore production facilities. Walking among sophisticated machines and skilled glass artisans, they observe each step of the manufacturing process. This immersion allows students to grasp technical constraints and possibilities offered by the material, facilitating the development of truly industrializable projects.

In this edition, Verallia has already organized factory tours with renowned schools such as ENSCI Les Ateliers, ESAD de Reims, Institut Ste Geneviève, and Bellecour Ecole, at our factories in Vauxrot, Oiry, and Lagnieu. Additionally, we have conducted two glass training sessions directly at universities — CREAPOLE in Paris and Immaconcept in Bordeaux.

At the end of the tour, a detailed presentation on the Verallia Design Awards is offered. The competition’s history, commercially successful projects, the theme of the year, the sponsoring designer, and tips for preparing a winning project dossier are shared with the students.

Factory tours provide students with a deep understanding of the manufacturing process, helping them propose realistic and innovative projects. The creative designs emerging from the Product Design Competition captivate the attention of Verallia clients, who, as jury members, actively engage with and show interest in the presented projects.

les bouteilles Verallia à l'usine

Verallia’s factory tours are not just excursions; they are educational journeys transforming students’ perspectives on glass bottle design. By blending practical experiences with theoretical knowledge, these tours enhance the design competition, turning each edition into a unique and invaluable educational adventure.

visite d'usine pour les Verallia Design Awards
Verallia Design Awards

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